Amy's Third Litter - The Irish Litter

Week Seven

Born: 7th November 2011

Three Boys & One Girl

Sire: Irish Champion Kinelarty Midnight Star Gaze (Harvey)
Dam: Malynncastle Ambriel at Pasturegreen (Amy)

Day Forty Three - 19th December 2011

The girls aren't finding the puppies as nice to play with as they once did. The puppies see the girls as a toy they can jump up at or on, nipping and clawing them which doesn't go down very well. Chloe is much tougher than Abbie, for she's two and a half years old, but poor Abbie is soon pinned down by her hair with the puppies working as a pack to get their own way. Chloe can fend them off for a while before they are too much for her. The puppies don't understand that their game of sinking their razor sharp teeth into fleshy human feet, legs and arms isn't very nice.

The puppies are now eating their Royal Canin Giant Starter dry without presoaking which means they need addition water. Until their new water bowl arrives they are using a temporary non spill one. Today they have also been wormed for the third time. Where on earth are the weeks going!!

Day Forty Four - 20th December 2011

Today the Brewer Girls & Mum came to play with the Irish Litter. The Brewer's have the other Merlin from the Halloween Litter. The puppies had a lovely time sinking their teeth into them and getting loads and loads of attention. It has been really good for them to have someone different to play with.

Day Forty Five - 21st December 2011

My goodness you can really see how big the Irish Litter are getting, when they are on the scales. When they were first born they were so tiny on the scales and now they are so BIG! The heaviest two boys are now over 6kg each with the other two not far behind.

Mr Red - Pasturegreen Irish Prince

Mr Blue - Pasturegreen Irish Cream

Mr Purple - Pasturegreen Irish Dancer

Miss Pink - Pasturegreen Irish Beauty

Day Forty Six - 22nd December 2011

It was a big day for the Irish Litter for they left the Puppy Room for the first time to explore somewhere new. This was our outdoor dry storage area where the big dogs spend much of their time on horrid wet days, there were lots of things to explore and different dog toys to play with. Amy was there to encourage them out of the Puppy Room door but once they got brave (Mr Blue & Mr Red, needed no encouragement) they wanted to suckle off her and as she's now dried up and has no milk she wasn't that keen to be suckled from. Chloe was on hand to encourage the less brave ones to play and it wasn't long before all the excitement wore them out and they went back to their pen for a sleep.

Day Forty Seven - 23rd December 2011

Day Forty Eight - 24th December 2011

The Irish Litter have been on the explore again, this time they went outside onto the gravel areas. Being so small they can easily get themselves into trouble so very quickly and a careful eye was kept on each of them. Because Mervyn was working outside they experienced plenty of noise which didn't bother them. For pups this age, the discovery of gravel and leaves was very exciting and like just like toddlers everything was going in their mouths.

Day Forty Nine - 25th December 2011

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