Pasturegreen SOS (Harvey)
Sunday 5th February 2006 - Monday 18th March 2013

Sire: Champion Fortonpark Frankie Goes To Meadowpark

Dam: Lintock Opium At Pasturegreen

Hips: 6/7 = 13 ~ Elbows: 0/0 = 0

Harvey at 3 years oldOur dear dear Harvey broke our hearts when he left us on 18th March 2013 at 7 years, 1 month & 13 days old. Old age crept up on him and his body started to fail him and this was the cause of his death.

Harvey was born in our living room on one cold Sunday afternoon on 5th February 2006, he was the last to be born of a litter of four to our Sophie, Lintock Opium at Pasturegreen. Harvey was born a big strong puppy, but his litter brother and two litter sisters were much weaker and when they were 7 days old, we lost them one each day to fading puppy syndrome, so Harvey was to become a singleton puppy. Because of this he remained here at Pasturegreen with his Mother Sophie.

Harvey winning Best of Breed at 18 monthsWhen Harvey was a little over a year old, Amy came along, his niece related to him via his Father's Fortonpark bloodlines for they shared the same Grandparents. A wonderful friendship blossomed over the course of six years and even though Amy later became the Alpha of our pack here at Pasturegreen, there was always a level of respect and understanding between them.

When Harvey was 18 months old he began to have trouble with his eyes, our then Vet believed he was suffering from the eye condition of entropion where the eye lashes of the lower lid roll in but after one operation, he was no better, so he went to see an eye specialist at the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket. He was later operated on to remove a triangle piece of skin at the corner of each eye as his lower eye lids were too long and made a full recovery and it was for this reason that Harvey never became a Father.

Harvey pulling his two wheel buggy in a paradeHarvey was very attached to his Mother and when Harvey was a little over three she died suddenly from Lymphoma and suddenly poor Harvey was without his Mother. Every day for three months he sat at the garden gate and pined away for her and had Millie, Fortonpark Millie My Love at Pasturegreen not come along with she did I don't think Harvey would have lived much longer, all those years ago.

Millie brought a new lease of life to Harvey and helped him cope with the loss of his Mother. Over time more puppies came along and when each puppy did, Harvey would be the most wonderful and loving Uncle towards it, helping it to mature as it should. But Harvey didn't always take to puppies instantly, for he wouldn't tolerate having his ears pulled nor his legs nipped and until the puppy learnt to treat him with respect, Harvey didn't want to know.

Harvey waiting for Philippa whilst competiting in a agility competitionHarvey had the most super character, everyone who met him remembered him for his full of energy, great spirit of life and his wonderful temperament and even at the end when he was in terrible pain he was kind to us, whereas many dogs might not have been able too?

Harvey never believed in doing anything at a snails pace, he was a 100 mile an hour lad, if someone or a dog was going though a doorway when he wanted to he went though too, when out on the lead he'd drag me along refusing point blank to walk to heel, regardless of what training methods we tried and if he should see another dog walker out he'd rush up to them to say hello. When we had visitors here at Pasturegreen he'd dash up to greet them and was the most super choice of character for he'd suss someone out in an instant.

Harvey at a year and a quarter in the gardenHarvey was also very loyal and loving, he was always by my side and on many occasions kept me safe from strange people down the footpaths or over zealous salesmen. One bark from Harvey was usually enough to send such people away and on several occasions he chased the odd salesman down the drive.

Harvey achieved his Bronze, Silver & Gold Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards and I remember when he obtained his gold, he'd walked to heel perfectly and the moment he got his award he dragged me back to Mervyn, that was so typical of Harvey.

Harvey was also a Master Carter, having passed his Beginner, Immediate and Advance Carting levels all three times, he was also the fastest carting dog on the carting course as Harvey didn't believe that we should take our time and be more careful, he just wanted to get on with it and it was my job to keep up!

Harvey at two years pulling his Swiss cart with Chloe at 18 monthsAs a puppy and youngster Harvey showed in Breed classes at local and National open and Championship shows, he qualified for Crufts in 2007 & 2008 but his desire to pace around the show ring meant that he was hard work to show. We had hoped to show him again as a Veteran but sadly this wasn't to be.

Harvey travelled all over the UK with us enjoying many family holidays, he loved exploring the beach, paddling in the sea or rivers and going for long walks mainly in North Yorkshire. He travelled on many Steam Trains and even on a few boats and enjoyed the attentions of so many people all over the country.

Harvey at three and quarter years enjoying a morning walk in our local woodHarvey was the very first Berner that people met when they came to see us for puppies, if they didn't pass Harvey's approval they didn't get a puppy. He'd either ignore those he didn't like or bark at them. Harvey's excitable and fun loving confident nature meant that visitors sitting in our living room were greeted with a whirlwind of Harvey who would come galloping in though the door way and plonk himself down on the Visitors feet pushing his body into their legs for attention and should a gap be visible to him on the sofa, he'd be on the sofa pushing off the visitors and the cushions. This was just Harvey's way and it was always very interesting for us to watch how our visitors reacted.

Harvey at 4 YearsHarvey was always so confident, so bold, so self assured, I often thought he should have been a sheep in the way that he barged though doorways or into one and always had to be first out of the van upon arriving anywhere.

Harvey was a cheeky lad, he always loved the last laugh and as a youngster would also do a big sloppy poo in the middle of town just to embarrass one and it didn't make any difference if he'd just been toileted, he would always do it.

Oh Harvey, how we miss you and your unique and funny ways, how we miss your love and loyalty and how will all our future Berners mature without you watching over them. You were a wonderful Fella to know and love, a super companion, one in a million. I hope you are having fun over the rainbow bridge and have met up with your Mother Sophie, Father Frankie and your litter siblings. You were unique in so many ways and loosing you has torn at our hearts so much. One day I hope we meet again, we will love you forever and miss you until we're reunited.


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