The Snow Litter - Week Two

Born: Thursday 2nd December 2010

Naturally Whelped litter of Nine - 5 Boys & 4 Girls

Sire: Goodboy van't Stokerybos (Boycie)
Dam: Malynncastle Ambriel at Pasturegreen (Amy)

Thursday 9th December 2010 - Day Seven

Today the girls enjoyed playing with the Puppies and of course Chloe's Dolly had to join in too! Abbie is 23 months old & Chloe is four years and 5 months - For them this is sort of normal life as we had Bernese before we had children. This isn't the first time the girls have been in the whelping box but as the pups get older the girls will play, supervised, more and more with the puppies and this in turn will get them used to children and all their funny, noisy and overexcited ways. It is this type of socalisation from an early age which is in some ways unique to us at Pasturegreen as very few people in the breed have such young children.

Abbie & Chloe With the Snow Litter at 7 Days OldChloe with the Snow Litter At Seven Days Old

(Left - Right) " Please Don't Eat Me" - "My, What Tiny Paws You Have"

Abbie & Chloe With the Snow Litter at 7 Days OldAbbie & Chloe With the Snow Litter at 7 Days Old

(Left - Right) Will Mum Notice If I pick This Pup Up? - How Come Chloe Gets To Hold One & I'm Not Allowed?

Abbie With A Pup From The Snow Litter At 7 Days OldChloe With Some Of The Pups From The Snow Litter Seven Days OldChloe With A Pup From The Snow Litter Seven Days OldChloe With A Pup From The Snow Litter Seven Days Old

(Left - Right) So Soft - Double Handling? - I Like This One Mummy - And This One!

Friday 10th December 2010 - Day Eight

(Left - Right) How Cute!! Mr Blue & Miss Peach cuddled up asleep - Abbie & Mr Red - Mr Blue & Mr Lime Green having a good feed - So far the pups have put on over 200g a piece since their birth & none have lost any weight. The pups are weighed twice a day and each day they put on more and more between weigh in's as they get stronger and Amy produces more milk.

(Left - Right) Mr Red practicing his walking skills - Feeding time, an hourly event, can you count all nine?

Saturday 11th December 2010 - Day Nine

I am very relieved and delighted to announce that Amy has today started to eat well, this is the first time in 10 days that she has eaten a proper meal and even though it is normal for bitches to go off their food and not eat for several days after giving birth, Amy has taken it to extremes this time to the point where she was losing body condition fast and could have lost her milk.

Close up sleeping pups, if you compare them you'll see that the black pigmentation is appearing differently on the pups.

Most of the paw pads are still pink and the muzzle area too. But as the middle picture shows of Miss Peach her nose is already almost fully black.

Almost daily trimming of the puppies nails is required to ensure they don't scratch Amy's milk bar red raw which in turn could encourage her to not want to feed her babies.

Sunday 12th December 2010 - Day Ten

Hover over each picture with your mouse curser to see a close up of the pup that Chloe is holding.

Mr Red - Male Pup OneMr Purple - Male Pup TwoMiss Yellow - Female Pup Three

(Left - Right) Chloe holding: Mr Red - Mr Purple - Miss Yellow

Miss Pink - Female Pup FourMr Blue - Male Pup FiveMr Green - Male Pup Six

(Left - Right) Chloe holding: Miss Pink - Mr Blue - Mr Green

Miss Lilac - Female Pup SevenMr Lime Green - Male Pup EightMiss Peach - Female Pup Nine

(Left - Right) Chloe holding: Miss Lilac - Mr Lime Green - Miss Peach

Monday 13th December 2010 - Day Eleven

The weighing of puppies twice a day is a fundamental part of rearing puppies as it gives a good indication of how that puppy is developing and it's well being. All our puppies are weighed at birth and then twice a day, 12 hours apart and their weights recorded. When they grow too big for the scales above then they are weighed on fish scales in a sling. All puppies should put on weight at each weigh in and none should loose weight after the first day.

Mr Green enjoying his morning weigh in and Mr Red learning how to keep his head up.

Dozing puppies, so often they seem to love to lye on top of each other or curl up.

With all the space in the whelping box the puppies seem to love to lye around the edges or up in the corners. It won't be long before we'll have to remove the pig bars as the puppies will start to get stuck in the corners.

Tuesday 14th December 2010 - Day Twelve

Today some of the pups have started to open their eyes, Miss Yellow is the only one who's eyes are almost fully open. (If you look closely at the last picture you'll see her beedy eye) Once the pups eyes are open it is usually three days or so before they can focus properly.

The Boys - (Left - Right) Mr Purple, Mr Blue, Mr Green, Mr Red & Mr Lime Green

The Boys - (Left - Right) Mr Blue, Mr Green, Mr Red, Mr Purple & Mr Lime Green

The Girls (Left - Right) Miss Peach, Miss Lilac, Miss Yellow, Miss Pink

The Girls (Left-Right) Miss Yellow, Miss Peach, Miss Lilac & Miss Pink

Did you know that even though Bernese have brown eyes (apart from the rare pale blue eye) they are navy blue in colour to begin with.

Wednesday 15th December 2010 - Day Thirteen

(Left - Right) Miss Peach and Mr Green - Miss Peach later dozing

Miss Yellow and her spotty nose, it's funny how the puppies gain their pigmentation all in different ways, you can see that her paw pads are still almost completely pink.

(Left - Right) Mr Blue waking up from his sleep & Mr Purple looking VERY cute fast asleep in the corner of the Whelping Box, even though they have plenty of room to move around and sleep in, the corners are certainly the favourite places to sleep in?

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