The Snow Litter - Week Three

Born: Thursday 2nd December 2010

Naturally Whelped litter of Nine - 5 Boys & 4 Girls

Sire: Goodboy van't Stokerybos (Boycie)
Dam: Malynncastle Ambriel at Pasturegreen (Amy)

Thursday 16th December 2010 - Day Fourteen

Now that most of the pups have their eyes almost fully open they are becoming a lot more active and when they see I, Philippa, or Mum Amy come into the box they "run" to say hello. Several of the puppies have now doubled their birth weight and are weighing in around 1.2kg.

An assortment of active puppy pictures today, if you can figure out who is who then you're doing well!

As the pups get bigger there is less room at the milk bar and even though the time it takes for them to feed becomes less they're actually consuming more milk day on day.

Because the pups eyes are very delicate at this age all the photos are taken without a flash and then lightened afterwards. By turning the camera flash off, this ensures that a stray flash can't hurt any of the pups eyes.

As the pups grow so does the amount of mess they make. To start with only one of the two lovely fluffy whelping mats needed to be changed each day, now two clean whelping mats are required daily and it won't be long before we're washing two sets a day.

As newborn pups are unable to toilet without their mother licking their tummy and bits most of their toilet waste is consumed by Mum. Now the pups are learning to toilet on their own the whelping mats are getting messier, but Amy is still very hands on licking bottoms when it's feed time.

Friday 17th December 2010 - Day Fifteen

Even though it's been below freezing all day, the dog room remains a consent 80f and the puppies continue to develop in opulent conditions oblivious of the weather outside. When they are much older then this will be the time that they'll spend short supervised visits outdoors to explore and learn.

Mr Red - Male Pup One

Mr Purple - Male Pup Two

Miss Yellow - Female Pup Three

Miss Pink - Female Pup Four

Mr Blue - Male Pup Five

Mr Green - Male Pup Six

Miss Lilac - Female Pup Seven

Mr Lime Green - Male Pup Eight

Miss Peach - Female Pup Nine

Saturday 18th December 2010 - Day Sixteen

Chloe and the puppies enjoying some play time together.

Look It's Double Trouble - So Proud Is The Lion Queen

I Love This One - Ahhhhh It's So Sweet - Aren't We Supposed To Be Smiling For The Camera?

Hurry Up Mum, My Arms Are Aching! - Oooooo Sharp Nails - What A Lot Of Puppies!!

Sunday 19th December 2010 - Day Seventeen

These are the last pictures that you'll see with the pig bars in the whelping box as now that the pups keep getting themselves stuck in the corners the time has come to remove them. They have served their purpose well of protecting the pups from being squashed accidentally by Amy.

(Left) An Exhausting Job Feeding Nine Puppies But Amy is Once Again Being a Fantastic Mother
(Right) What a lovely tongue you have

No Stopping These Active Puppies

Mother's Love - Mr Blue On A Mission!

Now that all the puppies eyes are fully open we can report that all the puppies have the correct colour eyes. Their ears are now developing and they are beginning to hear sounds, how do we know this? as when we hoovered this morning several of the puppies freaked out by the noise when previously they hadn't been aware of it.

Monday 20th December 2010 - Day Eighteen

Tuesday 21st December 2010 - Day Nineteen

The puppy's characters are starting to come out now. The girls love to send time each day with the puppies playing with them and in turn the puppies enjoy their attention.

Wednesday 22nd December 2010 - Day Twenty

At 7.30pm yesterday evening the pups had their very first meal. Up until now they have only had Amy's milk but now we've started to wean them. They will still be getting Amy's milk until they're four weeks old but as the days go by they will get more Puppy Porridge (Royal Canin Giant Starter soaked in boiled water) and less Milk. Here are the first pictures taken of the pups enjoying their first meal, feeding from the Weanafeeders. It was amazing to see them tucking into their food as if they were so used to eating from a bowl, when in fact they had never seen a bowl in their lives, but they instinctively just knew what to do.

The reason why we use Weanafeeders is so that each puppy has it's own bowl and own compartment, this encourages each puppy to eat in peace without being pushed around by it's litter mates. It also helps stop the puppies from walking in their food and getting it everywhere. (well that's the idea)!

We have found that puppies who are fed in this way rather than sharing bowls develop much more evenly as a litter and at a glance we can tell who is finishing all their food and who isn't. Combined with regular weighing ensures that the whole litter are very similar in size and that we don't have a litter of some big heavy puppies and small weak ones.

As you can see the lovely clean whelping mats very quickly got covered in Puppy Porridge and so did the pups. Mum Amy was quickly on hand to lick them all clean and finish off any uneaten Puppy Porridge, which is the same food as she's been eating for these past few weeks, except hers is in dry form.

At the moment the puppies are only having one meal a day of puppy porridge, in two days time they will then have two meals per day. Weaning puppies is very much like giving one's six month old baby food for the first time.

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