The Snow Litter - Week Four

Born: Thursday 2nd December 2010

Naturally Whelped litter of Nine - 5 Boys & 4 Girls

Sire: Goodboy van't Stokerybos (Boycie)
Dam: Malynncastle Ambriel at Pasturegreen (Amy)

Thursday 23rd December 2010 - Day Twenty One

Friday 24th December 2010 - Day Twenty Two

The pups have now all tripled their birth weights and are weighing in around the 2kg mark. They are now on two meals of Royal Canin Puppy Porridge a day and putting on around 250g of weight each day.

Now that their eyes and ears are fully developed and they have a good sense of balance they are beginning to play together and groom each other.

The whelping box has gone from being a place of dozing or suckling pups to a place of active excited noisy pups.

Within the next few days the pups will be moving from the whelping box into the puppy pen so that they have more space to play and explore.

Saturday 25th December 2010 - Day Twenty Three

It was treats all round for the snow litter, their foam type collars were replaced with larger fabric puppy collars. All the pups but Miss Yellow are still the same colour and Miss Yellow now has a pale patterned collar with red hearts on. Also the pups now have white shredded paper as bedding instead of the whelping mats, which means they can make nice little nests in the paper and this will keep them cleaner and drier now that they are toileting on their own.

The benefits of shredded white paper compared with newspaper is that when the pup wee's or poo's the wee soaks into the paper and the paper knits over the poo so taking it away from the pup. On newspaper if any pup should wee or poo the other puppies will just walk and lye in it which in turn makes them dirty, also newspaper print kind of makes for grubby puppies whereas nice clean white shredded paper keeps them clean.

With deep filling first the whelping box and later the puppy pen with shredded white paper the pups can keep nice and cosy and it makes for a safe enjoyable play area.

Sunday 26th December 2010 - Day Twenty Four

Monday 27th December 2010 - Day Twenty Five

Today we had our first wagging tail, which was very exciting to see and the puppy's teeth are now coming though.

Unlike humans, dogs have all their teeth come through at the same time. However puppies have very sharp needle like teeth which fall out around 4 months of age to be replaced with much bigger but less sharp adult teeth.

Our Snow Litter is very interested in everything around them and love plenty of attention. When they see us, they come running to say hello which is so sweet.

This afternoon the puppies will have plenty to watch around them as the puppy pens will be built around the whelping box and tonight they will move into a much larger space.

All the hammering and commotion will be very good for the pups socalisation.

Tuesday 28th December 2010 - Day Twenty Six

Here are the first pictures taken of the pups in their new puppy area. The area is more than twice the size of the whelping box and is deep filled with lots of lovely clean white fluffy shredded paper.

A new addition are the water bowls, this was the first time the pups have seen water as Amy has been giving them all their food and fluids in her milk but as we are now weaning the pups off Amy they are now requiring more fluids.

Lots of new toys are another new addition. The pups now have a nice arrangement of soft and hard toys to play with. I think the girls had more fun playing with them to start with! There was plenty of squeaking and noise coming from the toys which got some puzzled looks from the pups.

The puppy pen is a fabulous place to be, whereas the whelping box was large and spacious the puppy pen is huge and it's so lovely to sit among the puppies on the soft paper and enjoy their company.

Wednesday 29th December 2010 - Day Twenty Seven

(Left - Right) Miss Lilac & Miss Yellow - Mr Blue

Middle - Mr Green Right - Miss Yellow

(Left - Right) Mr Red - Mr Blue - Miss Yellow

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